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Do you have a DBS certificate?

Yes I do. I will share this with you at the start of our trial session to give you full peace of mind. I have worked in education now for 12 years.

Upon request I am also happy to provide contact details for my previous three employers (headteachers) so that you can contact them directly for a reference.

What software do you use?

I use a combination of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Whiteboard, both of which are free to use. You will need to register a free office account before we begin. You can do so here.

Microsoft Teams is ideal for our communication using webcam and/or microphone. 

Microsoft Whiteboard is excellent for tuition as we work together on a live notebook that stores all of our sessions so they can be revisited any time!

How do we pay?

My preference is payment via bank transfer. Each tuition session is invoiced individually and payable within 7 days from the start of the session.

How often should sessions be?

Everyone is different but typically once per week works best. If you wish for a different frequency then I can try and accommodate this.

How do we begin?

Before our first session there will be a few things to do:

1. Create a free Microsoft Office account at this link.

2. Download and install Microsoft Teams.

3. Complete my Diagnostic Assessment - This allows me to assess your strengths/weaknesses and tailor our sessions appropriately for maximum progress.

4. Arrange our test session via email. This will allow is to check the technology is set up before you commit to a paid session.

5. After the test session we will schedule in our first real session!

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